Friday, August 31, 2007

More pics...

If you haven't read the post from yesterday, scroll down to enjoy. Here are some more pictures from our week of fun.
K Bel and her friend H enjoyed some time together...they are only three days apart.
This weekend we are excited about having lots of family and friends over for K's birthday celebration. Hope everyone has a great weekend...

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Happy Birthday K!

Yesterday...was my princess' birthday. K turned two and I can't believe it. We have all decided that she is determined to show us a little bit of what two years old is supposed to look like since her brother never even thought of such a thing. She threw her first real fit this past weekend...even in front of her Grammy. As Grammy says, atleast she is passionate about things...ha! :) In all seriousness though, God has given us a love beyond what we could have imagined for all of our kids. It has been amazing to watch them grow individually and to look back and see how much we have grown as a family. All glory to God...He is so good...
It has been so long since I have posted...I have a MILLION pictures to share. I might have to post the pictures over the next few days since there are so many.
I finally took some pictures of K at her ballet class. The only problem is that the lighting was not good at all, so the pictures aren't as good as I had hoped for. But here is an idea of the princess doing her thing...
My good friend Michele spent the night last week with her girls, Faith and Lily. The kids had a blast and C had a slumber party in his room. He was a gentleman and let the girls sleep in his bunk beds and he slept on the floor.
On Friday, my sister Kim and niece A came over for an early birthday celebration with K. We had a great time visiting... Kim brought K a Nestle Tollhouse Ice Cream know, the HUGE ones. And, yes, our tiny little munchkin ate the whole thing. Grammy and Hubs were here to join all the fun...and fun was definintely had by all!!
Look at this beautiful K Bel girl...she is just getting cuter and cuter. She is still such a sweet is really hard to believe that she is already 2 1/2 months old.
This week has been pretty relaxing. It looks like the school district already has a couple of students for me to start teaching. So, I will probably start back with my homebound teaching position next week. Our babysitter Haley, is going to pick up the slack around the house while I go to work. Yesterday for K's 'real' birthday, Hubs took the morning off and we had a great time. He took C and Ke to the donut shop for breakfast and K got to have her first big donut. I know...abuse, but we usually just let her have a couple of donut holes. She never knew what she was missing out on...ha. Then, we went to a little splash park in town and the kids had a blast. Our good friend and neighbor, Lori, loaded her kids, J and H up to go with us. I got a ton of great pics that I will share tomorrow. After lunch, we loaded the birthday girl up with more sugar...cupcakes, of course!! So, all in all, I think the princess had a wonderful day. She will have her party on Saturday...none other than a Mexican fiesta ( her precious little mind, it is a Dora party).
Tomorrow, F's mom makes a break for freedom. It is hard to believe that we have had this girl since she was itty bitty. She is a mess, but so much fun. Who knows what tomorrow will hold...I will keep you posted on that! And PS...we never play with our food at this house! :)
More pics tomorrow!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

can't think of a title....

It seems we have succeeded in having another wild and crazy week. It is so much fun...though sometimes VERY tiring. C has had Spanish camp, K a dentist appointment, C a gastroenterology appointment, and F will have a well check tomorrow. And C threw up his eggs this morning...yuck! Hubs started back with staff development and is getting home pretty late every night with football. I am pretty sure that F and K haven't seen Hubs at all this week! :( He is missing them...and I am missing HIM!!!
On Sunday, we got to see one of our previous foster children, and it was wonderful. That sweet baby was so excited to be here and play with everyone and we were so excited to see him. He was very well behaved...the family that has him has done a great job with him. C and 'previous foster kiddo' really enjoyed playing together.
Last night Hubs went into C's room when he got home to tell C goodnight (C was still awake). C asked him what time he would be home tonight and Chris told him it would be really late, like midnight. C said, "Daddy, what is midnight?" Hubs said, "Well, you go to bed about 8:30, then it is 9, then 10, 11, and then 12...that is midnight." C said, "Daddy, I know what 12 is....that is lunch time, and that's not too late!!" haha...isn't that cute? Here is a cheesy grin from the little guy!!
K has been really into playing with her babies lately. Yesterday she found a glow worm and some other little baby in F's room and she said, "oh look mommy, this blue one is so cute. but this one is not so cute. HAHAHA....she is so funny...and very dramatic! I love it!
We have S here this week...very entertaining. She and K are walking around with their babies in the cute. And K is carrying her "hurse" (that is how she says purse). OHHHH...I don't think I ever posted this super cute pic of K pushing C in her baby doll stroller.
F has been F. Here is a picture of how that looks.... is a picture of her hanging out in the play kitchen.
And here is sweet baby K Bel this week...she has a giraffe neck in this picture, but it is still cute. She was doing her exercises on our bed.
Grammy is headed here this weekend...yipppeeee!!! We are so excited to see her. Hubs is going to Houston for a birthday party for a friend (after work on Saturday and he is coming home right before he has to go to work on Sunday), so it will be nice to have her company. I am very blessed to have a mother in law that is WONDERFUL...she is one of my VERY good friends. And the best part...she and my mom are buds too!! My mom is the best too by the way!! :) Love ya'll!! Have a great week and weekend!

Sunday, August 19, 2007


This has been a crazy and fun week. high school girlfriends came into town and stayed at my house this weekend. Oh my gosh, what a time we had. Everyone got here on Friday evening and we talked and talked and talked. And ladies and gentlemen, we stayed up until 3am. I haven't done that in YEARS!! And it was wonderful....amazing...fabulous! We are all so different, yet, we are so the same. We are definitely a group of friends that cannot be replicated. Thanks girls, for coming to my was such a gift to have you all here!
On other notes, we had our friend S here last week to hang out while her mom went to work. It was so fun...she is stinkin' hilarious....and she has LOTS of energy. She will be here this week to entertain us as we are looking forward to that.
K is having fun in her ballet (hee hee---that's right folks) class. It is SOOOO cute. The studio is a Christian environment with the sweetest staff. K decided this week that she would participate. This week, I will take the camera and take some pictures of the creative moving!! Isn't she the cutest kid EVER?
Okay but the not so cute part about K is her bed head. I just don't know how to handle it...take a look at this.
C had Spanish camp this week and did well. Here is a cute picture of he and the way, F's mom gets out of the iron bar facility in a couple of weeks. Can you believe it? We picked that baby up from the hospital and in two weeks, we will come up with a plan for her. I am really okay with not knowing what is going to happen. We are in this to do what we can while we have these kids. Anyway...cute little F...gotta love 'er!
Ya'll have a great week.

Monday, August 13, 2007

National Block Architecture Championship

Heather wins. I mean, really...who else just sits down on the floor to play with blocks and looks up five minutes later..."can't you tell, it is the engine car of a train?". And, yes, we could all see it...can't you? She is amazing in a lot of areas, but building with blocks might be her forte! Here are some of the other competitors' pieces of work. The best part is that the kids were trying to copy her "thumbs up". Check out this series of pictures...I know it is a lot, but watch K's mouth in all of is really funny.

Here is C's block creation...he was the runner up! :)

We had a great weekend. My very wonderful friend Emily graduated with her Doctorate in Audiology last weekend, so this past weekend we had a surprise party for her. It was a lot of fun and a well kept secret. Nana and Pops came through here on Friday to hang out before going to East Texas for Pops' side of the family's little gathering. We had a good time and got a decent picture of all of them together...

Today we went to the police station and had a great time. The community officer showed us around...we got safety coloring books and saw the inside of a police car. C is really into going to police stations and fire stations...we do the fire station quite often...he is a regular!

And, last but certainly not least, we enjoyed having Daddy at home a little this weekend...bedtimes stories are the best!!! Have a great week...

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Baby got a grill...

And for you older folks (heehee), no one got a hamburger cookin' kind of grill....K got a grill. And her tooth is not silver or gold (thank God), but it is a shiny bright white that is not the same as her pearly whites. Bless her heart (and her parents' hearts) was one of the hardest days I have had as a parent. K had to have a root canal (for some that were unaware, K fell on the fireplace and busted her mouth, obviously very badly). We left at 7am, blankie and Dora movie in tow. My wonderful friend and neighbor came down to our house with her two kids and watched C and F while I was gone with K and K Bel (thanks Lori). Another friend went with me because two people have to be in the car (one riding next to K after she has been sedated) on the way home. Hubs walked in right after they had started the root canal and was there to hold K when they were finished. We both agreed, with tears in our eyes, that this was the most heartwrenching experience we have had. We have grown to know the dentist quite well through this experience and he allowed us to be back there during the procedure and, quite honestly, it was awful! When I got home, my best friend, Em called and asked if it would be helpful for her to come over...ha...yes!!!!!!!! K loves Em and sat with her for a while (she cried on and off all day). It took several hours for K to be able to walk well again and she still does not have a handle on her emotions, bless her heart. Right now, she is reading a Dora book while I type on the computer. Here is a picture of a baby after a root canal...she looks pretty good, I'd say! We'll concentrate on getting a picture of that expensive (and a little ugly :( ) tooth another day! Sweet baby was still a little drugged...
On a lighter note, we had a GREAT day yesterday. Some of my very sweet college friends came to visit us and we had a blast. Each of them has a kiddo, so we had a fun time playing. It was great to see everyone. Here are a couple of pictures. The first one is of all the kids on the couch and the second one is on that C took of us...quite a photographer!! Take a look at the one of me, Allison, Joy, and Tricia. K Bel is fussing and Josh is looking at her like she is crazy...cute!!
I have been promising some pics of F walking for a while...mission accomplished. Here is a picture of that little firecracker!! :)