Tuesday, March 31, 2009

For the record...

C talks in his sleep...loudly and often. Only moments ago I hear this as he rests his sweet little head. "On this campus. I saw her. I saw her pinky swear on the floor. I swear." First, really...really? Does he already know about pinky swearing...uggg. Second, did his monologue really just end with "I swear"? Oh my...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

It's Spring...

so let's take a break. So far, our Spring Break could not have been better. We had company that we love (love you Nonny and Mal), I took Friday afternoon to get some errands run, and well I have rested...really rested for the first time in months. Yesterday, I asked Hubs if I could have part of the day to just be in my bed and read or sleep. Wish granted and it was awesome!!
My little K is such a bookworm that she crawled up there with me several times to sit and read her books (and maybe talk me into reading a few to her) too. My kids are such a gift to me, but Hubs...even greater gift. I know that he would climb the highest mountain for me if I asked, but just a relaxing day was plenty.
This week is going to be a little bit busy, we are still going to try to keep the 'break' in our spring break. K-bel has an appointment in the old hometown tomorrow. I think her weight is fine (although she has several several pounds to gain before she is where they would like), but her G-button has still not settled down like it should. We will see what they say.
Later in the week, we will head west to visit family and attend Mck's wedding shower. Then home on Sunday to prepare for our week back to school and my first week of work!! Yep...finally landed me a great little job. Part time doing what I love...working to help people with special needs. God is good and His timing truly is perfect. Ya'll have a fun week!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

I told you...

she's getting fat. Look at those cheeks...those chins. I love her so much...it makes my heart so happy to see this chub stuff happening. Hope everyone is having a good weekend. We enjoyed our Nana and Pops last weekend and we are enjoying our Grammy this weekend...we are blessed.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

"Watch this mommy..."

As a little girl, I remember flipping off of our furniture all the time (you know, back in the old days). I guess this is still a fun trick for the youngsters! :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo...

One of our very favorite people here in our new hometown has an incredibly generous heart and showers our kiddos with lots of love and gifts (Happy Birthday MM). One of the things that she did for our family was give us a family pass to the zoo in our area.
We have already gone...it is so easy to head over there after we get C from school. I love my kids and I love doing fun things with them. I feel certain that we will do this often, especially as the weather gets nicer.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Such a slacker...

I know. I just don't quite have my act together. I am trying. We are busy...a fun kind of busy. But, I still struggle. Nothing out of the ordinary after experiencing tragedy, but life as I know it is just a little different feeling these days. Pray for me. Pray that I will grow stronger each day. My faith, family and friends have truly carried me while I am missing Baby T. He would be almost 5 months old now...such a fun age. I have been going to a grief group for a few weeks. It has really given me a new perspective. Maybe I was too hard on myself, thinking that I had to act like nothing had happened. Maybe (since I am a people pleaser), I wanted people to think I was not hurting so they wouldn't worry. Or maybe I took everything they suggested and tried to do it so I wouldn't rock the boat. The grief group has really opened my eyes that it is okay to be sad...to have feelings that other people might not understand. Overall, I feel like my God has loved me and given me lots of grace and forgiveness through this. I have not been the wife, mommy, friend, daughter, sister, etc. that I usually am or strive to be, but I am so much closer than I was just a month ago. And for that, I am thankful.
But...on with the things that we have been up to. Maybe I will update several days in a row to catch up :) !! That would be such an accomplishment.
K started taking gymnastics. And oh my heavens, does she have fun! It has been such a great gift for me to watch her sweet smiling face doing so many fun tricks. Every day of the week, she asks when it will be her day to go to her class. She has already learned so many things...beam, bars, tumbling...all on a 3 year old level of course.
K-Bel is just busy getting fat. Yep...fat! We love it. She has struggled through several infections over the past couple of months with her gastrostomy button, which is frustrating. But we couldn't be happier about her growth. K-bel has gained about a pound a month over the last three months. She is over 20 pounds now. I know...still very little (not even on the chart), but to us, she looks HUGE!! K-bel is still not small in her presence though. She is mighty. She is firey. She is sassy, but darn cute. She talks like she is three years old and she loves to boss everyone around, especially F.
F is doing really well. I have noticed lately that her vocabulary is really improving. She is still my tough cookie...always up to something. But, she is really getting big. We love some of her quirks so much...you can't have a hug without a kiss, stalling before bed by telling EVERYONE in the family night night atleast once, asking for a drink while she climbs into her high chair, and announcing each morning when she wakes up that her hair is 'grouchy'. These are just a few things that we love about F. Oh...and you can't forget that each time she hears someone say 'swiper, no swiping', she will say, 'or swoopy no doopy...haha'. She is SUCH a funny girl. C...my sweet C. He is doing so well, as always. He loves kindergarten way more than I love being away from him all day. What ever happened to half day kinder...that would be great for this momma. I have had the treat of taking him to school on Wednesdays lately, so we have started a tradition that we use our McD's gift card to get some breakfast first. So worth it for my boy to remember our time together. Sometimes I just wonder if I am really good enough for C. No one is perfect, but he is perfect for me. Such a great kid with a great heart. He started playing youth basketball and Hubs is the coach. It is so fun to watch...we have really enjoyed it so much.
Hubs is hanging in there...busy being the best hubs and dad ever. And on the side, he is doing his usual teaching and coaching. We have really enjoyed doing a Bible study together lately through our church. That is something we have missed over the past few years. We are a blessed family. Have a great week!