Sunday, September 28, 2008


Chocolate ice cream anyone?
Or maybe a couple of oranges instead?

Friday, September 26, 2008

Wonderful watermelon

Last week, we cut some watermelon...and the troops arrived.
And it was yummy.
And little J brought his hulk gloves.
And that was fun.

We enjoyed our friends...they are great!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hence the name....CIRCUS!!!!!!!!!!!!

My word, I just don't know where to begin. As I sit here, K-bel is hitting me saying, 'no hit'. is nice to have children who discipline themselves. Effective strategy, I know.
So, the evacuation station is closed until further notice. We had fun with our company and ate some yummy meals made by Chef Lanie. My sister and her kiddos made their way to my mom's house and are still there because they do not have electricity at their house yet. K was quite the babysitter to the sweet tiny baby that was here. It was really cute to watch her be such a little mommy.
For the Circus family news...on Wednesday we drove home from church and pulled into the garage. Business as usual, I thought....until I reached back to unbuckle F. She was having a seizure...yes, a seizure. So, I went into emergency mode. Hubs was driving home close behind me, so he helped me unload all the other sweet little ones. Poor K kept saying, 'mommy, help F. Please help her.' Bless her precious heart, she was super worried. And I was really freaking out on the inside. Long story short, it was a seizure caused by a very fast spike in fever. She is fine now, but it was a scary evening. She must have been sick...she relaxed in my bed the next morning while watching cartoons. And we ALL know that F doesn't relax...ever...nor does she watch cartoons...ever ever.
K started feeling icky the next day...and ended up with croup. Uggg....and she was sick. Her voice went completely away. She didn't like to talk or eat or drink or function. She survived though and now----MORE POTTY LEARNING. It is a long road, but somebody has to walk it. And her name is K. When K was feeling bad, C (her sweet bubby) gave her a dollar 'to help her feel better'.

Do you think it worked?

Hopefully this week will be a little less eventful. Or maybe it will just live up to the name....CIRCUS! :)

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Bless her heart....God bless her precious little heart. K has tried so hard the past few days to have success in potty learning. The conclusion is that she is just not ready. I really believe she is giving it her best effort. And we are not completely finished trying, but her best effort is just good enough for me.

PS...Check out the hometown from my childhood at and see why we have an evacuation station going. It is pretty sad.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Evacuation Station, Numero Dos

Headed this sister and her two kiddos. Mandatory evacuation called this morning in her parts. Apparently Hurricane Ike thinks he is paying Southeast Texas a visit. We will see. Maybe that means that our AC will (better) get fixed today. Luckily we have two units, but tomorrow marks a week since our main unit has been broken. The highest temperature that the house has reached is 87 degrees, but that was only one day. Last night seemed super warmish, but the kids are nice and cool because their side of the house has AC. Maybe I should sleep with K...or C...
Edited to add:
Ohhh...just got a phone call...this is on its way too...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How do I look?

Is highlighter yellow a good color for me? I know summer is turning to fall, but I just wanted to highlight my bright skin tones. (click on photo to enlarge)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I guess I've been busy...

Well, it's been a while. It has been a weird week or so. It started out (week ago this past Friday) that I found out that I didn't have a job anymore. Then, I found out that my circus was expanding. No, not from my belly....ha. But, because of Hurrican Gustav. We are from the area that Gustav was threatening to visit, so we invited a crew of evacuees to stay with us. We had lots and lots of fun. There were eight children and four adults running around here. Sometimes, I wondered if the hurricane had landed in my house...haha. Great times though...and lots of fun play time.
And did I mention that this was one of the evacuees? Oh my word....was I in heaven. I even scored a little photo shoot with her.
C is doing well in kindergarten. He has had really good days for the most part. His sensitive spirit has shown once in a while, but he is holding up wonderfully. It has been hard for me to not be working at the school he is attending. I really wanted to be a part of his kindergarten year, and know the school system from the inside. Hubs, of course, works for the same district, but he is at the high school and clueless as to the happenings at the elementary. Anyway...God is working on me right now. He is doing a lot of things in my heart right now and one of them is having faith that C will be fine in his new surroundings. (here is C playing tennis racket guitar and singing a fine melody)
As for the three little monkeys....well, we are enjoying spending some quality time together. K and I have been doing some art projects, which is one of her very favorite things to do. One of my passions is preschool and child development, so I am enjoying trying to provide that at home with my sweeties. I found myself the other night preparing some thematic units and lesson plans for us to use...haha. I can be such a nerd.
K-bel had an apointment yesterday. Our home health nurse left a scale with us because K-bel had been losing some weight without her feeding tube in. Oddly enough though, yesterday, she weighed much more than normal. When I took her to the doctor, she was still weighing heavy. So, we were kind of hopeful. Then, I weighed her today to see if we could really count on it, and she was back under 18 pounds. Crazy... So, her saga is not over, but we are leaving the tube out for another week or two to see if she can atleast eat enough to maintain her weight...and then start growing again. We will see.