Monday, September 21, 2009

My Little K Turned 4... is such a blessing to watch my little munchkins grow into healthy young children. Little K is no exception. She turned four in August and is truly such a delight. As a mom, I look at her and see how big she is getting....and grown up. Wow. This year, she requested a fairy birthday party, so a fairy birthday party it was.
We had great family and friends to celebrate with and K truly seemed to enjoy her party. K battles with some seriousness shyness in large and unfamiliar groups, but there was not any stopping the birthday girl from having a good time. We had fun food, great fellowship, and a really special girl to celebrate with.
K tends to be mellow and quiet although very social once she trusts the person she is with. She has incredible facial expressions that are worth a million dollars. Another thing worth a million dollars? K's nurturing heart...she has a very big heart and loves to love others, especially babies. She is absolutely gorgeous and melts my heart with her smile.
This year, K started pre-K at our local elementary school and has surprised everyone. She is loving it and becoming quite social. We play lots and lots of 'school' at home, so we are quite certain that she enjoys her environment. She has an incredible teacher (which happened to be C's kindergarten teacher last year).
K's favorite things to do include playing with babies (especially her American Girl dolls), coloring or anything related to art, playing school and writing letters, reading books, and riding her bike. K is a bit of a picky eater, but has a deep love for chocolate, sweets, and PB and J sandwiches.
K had a tough transition when we moved to our little small town and seemed to lose a little bit of her spark. God is good...and we are gradually starting to see our spunky little monkey come back to life.
K, you are such a special little girl with an incredible heart. It is so hard for me to imagine what God has in store for your life, but I know that it will be amazing. I love your smile and the way your big blue eyes look up to me. You are one of the best snuggle bugs that I know and I treasure every day with you. I am so thankful to be your mommy....I love you sweet princess.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

And Family Vacation was Fun...

We have been blessed the past several years to go on vacation with Hub's side of the family. His mom chooses a place and we all head to our destination for some quality time and relaxation. This year we went to Great Wolf Lodge. It was AWESOME!! Wow...what a great time we had! It was definitely our favorite vacation spot yet.
We had so much fun and we are so thankful for the time together! Here are some pictures to prove it....