Sunday, August 30, 2009

Followed by a Week of Humbling...

It has been so long. I can't seem to keep the blog updated. Then, when I sit down to update, there is way to much to say. So, I am going to do several short and sweet entries to get us sort of caught up...
The very day following our week of heaven on earth, we left on a jet plane for chicago. For the first time ever, we left part of our brood at home with Nana and some friends. Initially, C was the only kiddo that was going with us. But, since we were blessed with the new little man (J) in our home, he tagged along for the fun.
Our purpose was to facilitate a vacation bible school for a group of kiddos living in a homeless shelter while in Chicago. Our purpose was to teach them the Word, serve them, and show them by our actions the love that Christ has for them. We had a purpose...but every time that I have ever had an opportunity like this, it is my mission to bless the socks off of these people. But I am the one who walks away a changed person. These kids...from all walks of in a homeless shelter...some unaware of a Man named Jesus that walked the earth to save them...have joy, peace, happiness that only God can grant them in the situation that they are in.
C had a great touched my heart to watch him interact with the kids. He stood up one day in front of the whole group and taught them a Bible verse. C wanted to serve...he, at the age of six, was on a mission for Christ.
But that is not all...Hubs went out on the streets and passed out sandwiches and water. He cleaned and painted at another homeless shelter. We also had the opportunity to have a lot of fun. In the evenings, we saw the city of Chicago. We had so much fun spending time together...seeing Mary Poppins off broadway, eating Chicago style pizza, shopping at the Lego store, and just bonding with the group of teens and adults that we travelled with. All in all, that week was another one to write down in history as unforgettable. The city, the kids, the time...all incredible.

Monday, August 3, 2009

And then there was a week of heaven on earth....

Each year, we are blessed to spend a week at a christian family camp in east Texas. Each year we say it is our week of heaven on earth. I have believed whole heartedly for a long time in the mission of this camp and the impact they are much that I worked for them when I was in college. It is a place where the love of Christ is displayed to us so strongly every year.
It is a place of encouragement, accountability, refreshment, challenges, learning, growing, friendships, and so much more that can't even be put into words.
The college kiddos that work there are different...serving others before themselves, all for the glory of God. Hubs or I did not get drinks for our kids all week. I'm not sure that we fed the baby a bottle or a jar of baby food. We did not cut up meat or clean up spilt drinks. We sat and talked with our kids and the staff and each other. We went on a picnic, listened to incredible speakers about Godly parenting, and had fun.
The arts and crafts room was a big hit this year.
Water rockets and skiing were on the play list.
We enjoyed a carnival and did lots of swimming.
Every day was full, but not exhausting. Thank you PC for another week of heaven on earth. It is a true gift to our family every year.