Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Baby Butterfly Turned 2... seems like yesterday, really. K-bel is the biological baby of the bunch and spoiled completely rotten by everyone in the family. She leaves a lasting impression everywhere she goes. K-bel is still tiny, but she is so mighty. Her verbal skills are insane...she can tell a complete story. For instance (one of her latest), "I go to Clara's house and I swim. Daddy go with me. I jump in the pool and I get my boat. Clara take me and I say I want my Daddy. I blow bubbles and I get out." Yep...not kidding...she says all of it and you can understand every word.
K-bel still uses a passy....although only at nap and night, it is so against the norm at our house, but this baby is good at breaking the mold. She also still eats us out of house and home...don't be surprised if she eats three meals a day and seven or eight snacks. No heads turn when she out eats her six year old brother. In fact, leave it up to her brother or sister to provide the snacks and passy at her request. K-bel still has her gastrostomy button. She seems to be doing quite well. We still don't have a diagnosis for our baby girl, but we hope to see her body really start growing soon....on its own. K-bel believes whole heartedly that she is in charge 100 percent of the time even if you tell her that she is not. That little bitty body is mighty. She is not afraid to tell her siblings that they need timeout or any other consequence. And most of the time, if they choose not to listen, she takes matters into her own hands. We celebrated K-bel's birthday with a butterfly party. We had lots of fun with friends and family.
She is such a funny funny girl that enjoys life so much. K-bel is silly and sweet, smart and witty, and just a ton of fun. Her favorite things include watering the plants and garden with mommy, tackling daddy, playing with babies, doing artwork, swinging, talking, and riding her baby bike outside.
I love you sweet baby girl...I couldn't be more in love. I want to scoop you up and eat you my little bitty. You make me laugh so hard so often. Happy 2nd birthday.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Time to play catch up...

We have just been having such a fun and busy summer. I plan to play catch up this weekend. Here are some teasers of our summer so far!! :)